#RPGaDay 25 Favorite RPG no one wants to play


Day 25 Favorite RPG that no one else wants to play.  Well the one good thing about my RPG group is that there pretty much are no games that we will not play. But there are one or two that I would LOVE to see get more or any table time. And it’s just because we have other great games on the table that we just do not have the time to get these into the rotation. So my pick of my favorite RPG that no one else wants to play is Star Wars Edge of the Empire.  And like I said for my group it is mostly that this great system gets put to the side while we are playing other great games. If we had another Day to play …more days in the week.. we already play Friday and Sat. and most of our group meets with other groups on at least every other Sunday. So at least for now the empire goes unchallenged by our group.

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