#RPGaDay Day 24 Most complicated RPG owned


So as we come to day 24, Its a Sunday morning and I get to arm chair quarterback the question of what is the most complicated system that I own..This one is one that I don’t even have to think about. Hands down I have for you the MOST complicated system I ever have owned right off the top of my head. As it does its happy dance of WTF  in my head. And the winner is.
The world of Synnibarr
Oh you lovely beast you.. This oh this book. First off Synnibrr Did one thing well. That damn cover.. It never fails to draw gamer’s in .. yet once you learn what is inside the world of Synnibarr you will never be the same again.
Now do not be misled by me saying Synnibarr is the most complicated system and take this lightly.. Reading this book is like wearing cement shoes. I imagine the ONLY.. ONLY reason why I ever finished it was because I picked it up before I deployed to Somalia and I was trapped there with it.. This game has it all ! Dragons, Check ! Superheros,, CHECK ! Cyber warriors, CHECK ! Psionics, Check ! And the list goes on. Oh and by the way Lists, CHECK ! Charts,charts,charts,tables and charts, CHECK ! Oh my God it never ends !
When I started to write this I found this on the Wiki of the game hehe.. I just needed to share the bit.

It is noted largely for its exceptionally complex design. However, the game has since developed a “cult following” and is considered one of the earliest “complete science fantasy/fiction RPG in one book, where every possible situation is covered.”The game features an unusual amount of variety in play. It combines elements of fantasy, science-fiction, super-hero and other genres and does occasionally lend itself to power gameing


Synniabrr is a D100/D1000 system depending on what chart you used. and that’s just where it starts lol. Nothing was simple in Synnibarr right down to generating your character.. Or shall I say Chart warrior online. Seriously this game read like someones Math Thesis.. Damage was done in the tens of thousands of points of damage and instead of Armor Class the game used a damage reduction system based on tenths. That’s right tenths.
So your supper cyber warrior has a plasma cannon that you shoot at the dragon for 2D10 × 1000 damage but that’s okay cause Mr Dragon has 3 tents damage reduction. . So you did a paultry, 2D10 damage….FACEPALM!
In the end you just want to take the whole thing and drop a planet buster from the game on the whole thing for 2D6 X 1,000,000,000 damage. . The “world ship would be gone but I’m sure most of the inhabitants would survive…..
To that note I see that the author Raven c.s. McCraken .. yeah REALY thats his name. . has launched a kickstarter to bring back this beast. Not only did it reach its goal but made his asked goal .. It took two kicks since his first one he asked a Whopping $55,000 bucks for his game.. After a relaunch and being hit with 4 tenths damage reduction he tried again asking for $3,500 and almost got $8k … I guess world can’t have enough charts…
As I did not back it all I can say is in January 2014 he put an update titled Ready to Print.  And followed up in March with a update of “We are working hard” .. As of the writing of this blog… I can not find any information on if the product has yet been delivered.

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