For the love of the game

We all have been there. That moment, something happens in our game sessions and the first thing we say when we bump into our gamer friends the next day. “Last nights game…”
These are moments we love; moments that will stay with us forever. To be talked about over cups of coffee shared with fellow gamer’s when they bring their tables together and share their stories.  Stories you share with your friends you only see at Cons. We all have them we all love them; while eagerly look forward to the next. It’s why we play the game.

The story, player’s & storyteller’s alike. For the love of the game. Every roleplayer that’s looking for the next great moment of role play. Even that dice chucker that’s next to you that rarely offers much Roleplay input. He or she might not be the best RPer but they are looking for that next clutch Nat20. Because they love the story as much as you even if they are not the best at the craft of it. We are all doing this for the love of the game. And that next great story that were all crafting together at the table together. Go forth friends and game on !

Feel free to share some of  your best game moments.. 

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