Dragonlance Classics Volume I (2e)

17370-thumb140Publisher: Wizards of the Coast

Pages: 128
Link: Dragonlance Classics Volume I (2e)



Calling all Dragonlance saga heroes!


At long last, the first four Dragonlance modules are back.

Together for the first time, play the entire adventure of the first book of the Dragonlance saga!

Starting from the Inn of the Last Home in Solace, journey throughout the lands of Ansalon and defy the evil that threatens to overwhelm an entire continent. Explore the Lost City of Xak Tsaroth, defeat the mighty black dragon Khisanth, and recover the Crystal Staff of Mishakal. Penetrate the fastness of Pax Tharkas and face the evil Verminaard and the red dragon Ember. Can you survive the dangers of Skullcap, hounded by the undead minions of the wizard Fistandantilus?

Your journey, should you survive that far eventually takes you to the subterranean wonders of Thorbardin, the kingdom of the dwarves. What waits for you there is known only to those who dwell within!

The immense, world-sweeping Dragonlance saga awaits you. Answer the call to save the world of Krynn from the threat of ultimate evil!

An epic adventure for 3rd- to 8th-level characters.


Dead in the Eye (4e)


Publisher: Wizards of the Coast
Pages: 16
Link: Dead in the Eye (4e) D&D Adventure

Years ago this was a free RPG Day RPG that I have run in the past. It was pretty straightforward but a lot of fun. I enjoyed pitting my players against the twisted beholder Omaranathax.
I feel that it also would be pretty easy to convert this to a 5E adventure without much difficulty.


The Keepers of the Celestian Order, valiant defenders dedicated to destroying horrors from the Far Realm, have trapped a beholder in its lair. However, the evil aberration has proven far more dangerous than expected, and the Keepers need the help of adventurers to end the threat of Omaranthax once and for all.

This DUNGEONS & DRAGONS® Roleplaying Game adventure, created for Free RPG Day 2012, pits player characters against a mutated beholder and its vile underlings.

Although set in the Forgotten Realms campaign setting, the adventure can be easily adapted to any D&D® world.

This is an adventure for 4E characters level 8-10.


Into the Beyond Phase 1 Thoughts.

Today I was one of the hordes of people who signed up this weekend. I was able to log-in and look at the D&D Beyond Beta pages. The honestly I poked around a lot but there was not much to see. At this stage, expectations were not high to see much anyway. Most people expected that we were likely to only see existing SRD stuff anyway so there is not much to report there anyway. SRD wise navigation was smooth and fast and the program felt solid. I look forward hopefully to the addition of more hyperlinking from the spells and monsters section of the program.

I will not bash it too hard as I have taken the part of several Alphas and Betas over the years and know that the end result can look vastly different from what you get at the outset. The interface looks clean and I can see when it is done that it is likely to be an intuitive product. The rest of my thoughts on my initial impression I can slot into a few positives and negatives.

The layout is nice with 5 main tabs separating the content. The Compendium, Spells, Items, Monsters & Forums. This gives you the ability to get to what you want to quick and simple. Additionally, they have quick links to both their Facebook & Twitter along the top bar near your profile.


Another positive is they claim they will not need to ever wipe any content from now to when the program goes live. So between the time of Phase 3 and launch any homebrew stuff you do will not vanish. This as well is good news for the Forums.

At this stage, the single biggest positive is the FORUMS. With WOTC having shut down their forums some time ago it is good to see the return of D&D Forums. Currently, the majority of the conversations being had pertained to pricing and other expected topics of that nature. But I have already seen threads of looking for groups taking shape. This can only be a positive for the D&D community as a whole.

Other that this the only other large positive I got from my exploring and Forum hounding was that the CURSE team is very intent on making it work offline. This is good news for many. Other than that what do we know? Honestly not much, Here are two of the FAQ answers that have me worried, though.

Will I need to pay a subscription?

How much will it cost?

We don’t have exact pricing nailed-down, but you will be able to buy official digital D&D content for all fifth edition products with flexible purchase options. You can pay only for the D&D content you need. If you only play fighters, for example, you’ll be able to just pick up the stuff you need to track swinging that two-handed sword

So these two things alone confirm that to access the full content of D&D Beyond you will have to play a monthly sub. As well as much like I speculated you can expect a Fantasy Ground style or worse yet Micro Transaction Style of purchasable content from D&D Beyond.

My final thoughts.
I think thus far what we have been shown looks solid. But the ball will be in WOTC court when it comes to pricing. I think that WOTC needs to come to understand digital content transactions better for this to be the success that it could be. The possibility to see this project be dead on arrival is very strong with the history of WOTC well-known history of Pricing and Subscription costs.  As of this post, I still find myself hopeful but concerned. What do the rest of you think?

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