Winter Eternal Adventure Guide Review.


The wastelands are dangerous and offer the unprepared a horrible death only. For those brave (or crazy) enough to travel the wastes in an ice suit, this Winter Eternal adventure guide focuses on what lies outside the warm and safe cities.

The book offers information on new locations, plot hooks and adventure ideas. There are new monsters in the bestiary and new gear for explorers to use. Then there is a wonderful and exciting Savage Tale to help start an adventure into the wastelands, or to challenge more seasoned explorers. 
If you think it is only the cold that could end your life out in the wastelands, you are very much mistaken. With the adventure guide you can at least prepare a bit more, before heading out to look for riches and mysteries from a time long forgotten.
 Winter Eternal Adventure Guide: The Wastelands by Morné Schaap & Eric Lamoureux Cover: Lord Zsezse Works, Morné Schaap
Layout: Morné Schaap & Anton Vermeulen
Interior art: Nathan Anderson, Jacob Blackmon, Gary Dupuis, Simon Powel, Morné Schaap, Anton Vermeulen
Proofing & invaluable help and advice: Hans Bothe, Wulfgar
Ice suit design: Anton Vermeulen
Pages 45 
Last  year I reviewed the great new and original Savage Worlds setting Winter Eternal. So I looked forward to cracking this book open and getting a look inside the setting nearly a year later. I was not disappointed.

13010743_1009955932407916_7363319234404938000_nRight out the gate it becomes obvious that they wanted to remind you of the cold harsh world that is Winter Eternal with a brutal little short story. and this wonderful piece of art! In my review the main book I had dinged them for some of their artwork choices having pulled me out of the setting.This book gets all the praise! How can you not think about a frozen danger-filled wasteland when you look at this! I love it.

In my review the main book I had dinged them for some of their artwork choices having pulled me out of the setting.This book gets all the praise! How can you not think about a frozen danger-filled wasteland when you look at this! I love it.

The book is 45 pages but it is packed with info and sidebars. A lot of thought went into this book. Immediately after the short story and the nice piece of art, we delve right into the heart of the dangers of adventuring in this dying earth.

The dangers of the wasteland are many and the book does a good job at addressing a few of them. Everything from Super Blizzards to Avalanches! As well the affects the outside as on your gear and supplies. This is a brutal land and as you read the chapter on the outside if the danger of the environment alone has not fully sunk in just skip ahead to the bestiary.

The gear section is small but more than adequate at providing cold based gear that a player might need to help him survive in this world. As well as a new Hinderance and a great new language for the setting that makes perfect sense.

I was very happy to see the Dangerous places people and plot hook section. After the bestiary, the book has a sizable adventure. In a game like this, that goes to such an extreme. It is very helpful to have a good number of ideas and suggestions from the creator to get  your own juices flowing about how you want to bring this world to life at your own table.

Runkles Ranking

You really get the feel of the world from one product. The layout and art are nice and help to draw you into the world. In 45 pages I got a much better idea of what life outside of the city is like in winter eternal and why you would leave them. The book is well done and you will find a ton of useful stuff in this book.

I only wish we would have gotten a few more Edges and Hinderances. Since this setting has come out that is the one thing I have heard a few others say as well. That said, new Hinderances and Edges are hard to come up with when you have a sea of savage world content out there to draw from that you can use. So it’s not that big of an issue.

D20 #15Runkles Raking for this product is a 15.

Well Above Average: Once products reach this level of rating they are sure buys. With scores of this level, they are stand out’s products. Often these products fill niche genre’s and make good go to products in most game collections.

If you are running this system this book will be of great use to you.



Where can you get it ?

Simply follow the link or click the image and this book can be yours!




If you have not checked out my review of Winter Eternal you can find it HERE>

You can also purchase Winter Eternal by click these links.







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