#RPGaDay2016 Day 5 What Story does your group tell about your character?


One of my most netorous stories that I hear my players tell about one of my favorite PC’s is an obnoxiously gluttonous Half Orc Cleric/Mage Tolock. Our fair hero began his adventuring career at mid level so I had a lot of room to play with his background. Tolock had injured him knee in his early days as an adventure. He never let his “handicapped” bum knee bother him. He spent a significant portion of his gold to eliveate his condition.

His first investment was to purchase a Mage hand so he could, “Gather” things that were just out of reach and not arrivals his knee injury. This eventually progressed into the constant summoning of Invisable servants to aid him. As well as fearing out for ranged healing. Eventualy evolving to the final two steps. The purchase of a flying carpet and lastly changing his deity of choice to the God of Gluttony. If I recall it was out of the AEG books. It allowed the cleric to retain Dex bonuses to Saves and AC while sitting or prone lol.

With everything in place it was then when he finally once again began his adventuring career. As one of the laziest adventurer in the know worlds! Remaining firmly planted on his carpet from town to town and combat after combat. If he was ever “Unseated” He would become viloent and focused mainly on returning to his carpet. The character was so out there that years later players still talk about this off the wall character concept.

Recently I have begun playing in a Curse of Strad game for 5E D&D. I have made a Human Mage Noble in the same vein of my old Half Orc. I have taken Retainers to see to all my “needs” that are too far to be bothered to walk to. I picked my Feat of out of class spell casting giving me my “Heal” in honor of the cleric insperation.  With ritual casting I have picked up Invisable servents now and phantom mount to cart my Mage around. Overall it has been a tremendously fun revision of my old concept.


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