#RPGaDay2017 5th Day: Which RPG cover Best Captures the spirit of the game? Tales From the Loop


The artwork for tales from the loop hands down best captures the spirit of the game. But The Art of this RPG book sets the stage for you that just leaves you wanting to know more. On top of that the more you flip through the book looking at the artwork the more you want to know what is going on in this game!

A game in the spirit of Stranger Things, Goonies, supper 8 & E.T. and that’s right you play as kids. The rules are from Mutant Year Zero so they are solid. If you want to give it a try you can scoop it up on DTRPG. The best part of the loop you can make characters and get into the game in about 5 min.

TIP: If you give this game a play, HAVE some 80s music playing in the background to help with the mood and keep each of the players “Favorite Song” ready to play from time to time during scenes to really get the players into the game.

Tales From the Loop

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