#RPGaDay2016 Day4 Most Impressive thing another’s Character did?


So today’s answer is a fun one. A few years back I was running a Pathfinder game based in my Homebrew world. The players were at a huge Milestone adventure. The game was taking place in a port city that was under and an uneasy truce between three nations.

To set the stage what we had here was a 3-way Berlin style situation. One army had taken control a large portion of this capital city at the end of a war. The other Army was a Friendly occupying force attempting to ensure the shattered nation would not lose completely control their nation’s capitol. Lastly, the third kingdom was struggling to pick up the pieces having not only lost much of their military strength but nearly their own capital and facing the reality that they had two armies entrenched in their city.  Worse yet none of these forces were their own.

Our heroes were running a resistance cell inside the invading military’s zone of control. Eventually, they were able to uncover a plot that involved an immense steampunk style siege engine that was going to be used to knock down the massive walls that had been constructed to divide the city. hazet

As the players leapt into action, This warehouse sized steampunk style tank began to roll through the town firing shot after shot into the inner city walls. The scene was set and the battle began. For the next few hours, the players did everything in their power to bring this beast to a halt. It took everything that the players had and then some and continued to make its slow Zamboni style death march across town. Rolling over home and the players favorite drinking hole, uncaring and unstoppable.

That is when one of my players had an amazing idea. they asked how big the Cannon on the tank was and I informed them it was launching, waggon sized rounds. The player leaps up and states he dives into the barrel of the CANNON !!!

At first, I thought he was going to try and find a way into the tank from the barrel. Then he informs me that he uncorks his vials of Sovereign Glue!!! and Glues the cannon shot to the barrel. He knew there was a delay between shots and hoped he could get out in time. Yet was willing to sacrifice himself for the cause. Another player pulled him out of the tube and they dove for cover.

The earth-shattering KABOOM foretold the death of the “Tank”. I was a vicious DM and made everyone anywhere near the explosion roll Fort Saves VS Death. Ground zero was nearly a city block as all of the cannon rounds and the Immense steam engine cooked off.

All my players but one made their saves. The one that did not happen to be next to the party Paladin who immediately laid on hands. Saving the player from bleeding out.

So there you have it.

Thoughts ? Questions ? Please feel free to ask in the comments below !

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