Homebrew Feature: Druid Circle of Life

Today’s Feature subclass is the homebrew Circle of Life Druid by PrometheusDarko. I am a sucker for alternative healer variations other than just the straight up cleric. Additionally, I have always thought the Druid is an excellent option for a cleric alternatively all be it slightly weaker. This class keeps the class balance yet nicely ups effectiveness of a Druid healer build.


Circle of Life Druid by PrometheusDarko


I think Natural Ballance is a creative way to add a paladin style lay on hands with a nice limiter so that it does not feel better than the ability it is based on. The Gift of Life feature I like a long as well. It is not game breaking in any way as well as it could easily be implmented as part of a total party wipe bailout. Nice clutch utility spell.

Ie. Cleric pops up Druid with Revivify, Druid gets then brings up two more downed players with the use of his Gift of Life.

Lastly, the Form of Ehlonna is just cool as well who would not want to be a Unicorn ! Yet again with the balancing factor that you can not inflict any damage while in this form.

So the Circle of Life Druid subclass has been welcomed into my homebrew PHB for my gamers to use. I look forward to seeing one at my table.

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