#RPGaDay2016 Day 12: What Game is your group most likely to play next? Why?


My group is ramping up to put the finishing touches on our 5E Out of the Abyss game in the next few months. After that game comes to a close it is looking solidly like we will be heading right back into another 5E D&D game set in my personal Homebrew world. The story that we will be undertaking in my personal setting is yet to be determined. So more on that another time.

So why 5E D&D and would I chose any other system ? Well, predominantly the overall favorite system for fantasy settings in our group of players is the still raining king Dungeons and Dragons. This still holds true with 5E, with only a brief delve into Pathfinder our group has for the most part just been hardcore D&D.

If I were to pick any other setting to run my game in I think it would be FATE, using the Freeport ruleset book as a template. I ran a very, very brief 3 sessions of my homebrew setting with the FATE Freeport ruleset and I simply loved it. It had an incredible old school feeling.

I also would say I would love to give a Cypher System fantasy game a try as well. I love the speed and simplicity of the GM’s workload in the Cypher System and the beauty of variety that the character creation and class system that the Cypher System has.

So there you have it. What systems are on your list of likely games that you and your players are going to get on the table soon ?

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