The Dragon Sheath By Dog Might Games

Recently you may have seen I did a blog review of Dog Might games dice chests. You can see that blog HERE. Well my review posted the day before Dog Might launched their latest project. The Dragon Sheath. So since its launch a week ago they have not only passed their goal. They pretty much have utterly destroyed it. With over 1800% of the asked goal they are trending nothing but upwards.


So what is a Dragon Sheath, well it is a custom dice box made just for you. They have a ton of interiors and exteriors  wood and stain styles that you can select. With so many choices one of the coolest parts about this project is even if your entire game table were to back this project. It is unlikely any two cases at your table are going to look the same!

You can pick from dozens of covers and 10 or more interiors! As the kick goes on they are adding more of everything so I will not be posting numbers or types at this time. The boxes are held together with very strong magnets and from the video they are impressively strong.

So this is definitely a project to get behind if you want something that will stand out as well as protect your favorite set of dice. Several of these cases have designs for props and mini storage as well. Coins, Pens minis and one interior is even sized right for a Bennie.

The buy in for this project is $35 if you just want case without any other features. Or $60 to come in and get the Interior, sculpt and stain of your choice. Like everything that Dog Might makes. These are not the most inexpensive dice cases you may ever own. But they will last a lifetime. Most likely be able to hand them down to your children. That is something

So head on over and give their project a look !

Dog Might Dragon Sheath

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