Kickstarter: Battlestations: Second Edition


a9d8f964b8314034838bb413613ef7de_originalSadly I did not know of the first edition of this game. Or it would have been on my radar long ago to pick up. This game strikes my in all my happy places. It’s like FTL the board game and Multi-player!

This Kick is set up very interestingly. With this game being a mammoth $90 for the full Kickstarter. Or 125 for the expanded book. To counter the high cost of this kick there are a few lower priced levels that are eye-catching. This might be the first time I have encountered a PDF level for a board game. But I find it well set up.

So if you really wanted to get in on Battlestations on a budget you could pitch in for as little as 20 dollars and still get the entire game. It will be light on art and some fluff. But still you will get the full game. There are also several options in between to help you pick the price that is right for you.

As of right now it is funded and heading to break stretch goals with 28 days to go.

Check it out. Battlestations.

Here is a quick how to play video. Give it a look at how smooth it runs.

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