Fabled Environments: An Average Wild West Town

This post is a heads up to go get some great content. I am not posting it as a review more because I already know the maps are great. I know most of you that have looked at my past reviews know that their maps are great. Also I have become rather use to them providing adventures with their products. This is a return to the old school for Fabled Enviornments and they do it just as well as always

Fabled Environments has a new set of maps for their fans. Ever wanted to run a wild west game? Well all good wild west games at some point are going to have a shoot out, or a Saloon brawl. Just as likely after either of those events you likely will either be visiting the Sherrif’s office or putting someone in the ground at the local cemetery. Well Fabled Environments is here again to provide!

As always they have put forth another stellar map set. With a bundle of seven buildings and multiple layers for each of your maps. You can bring your wild west town to life. As always the quality of their maps are top-notch and really the only thing that is missing with this product is for you to bring it to life with adventure!

Are you a fan of the Old West and would love to run an RPG set in a Western Town? Have you had problems finding floor plans to use? Well then, welcome to Whistle Reach Junction! This nice little Western Town is sure to please!
All of these structures are presented with a variety of layers that you can turn on and off such as a 5′ grid or hex, labels, furniture and even walls. Each map is presented in Black & White in a traditional floor plan style and has a background on a separate layer that gives the maps an old feel. Each of our projects is produced by an interior designer/architectural drafter using AutoCAD.

The map pack includesIMG_0011

Two-Story Settlers Cabin
Sherrif’s Office
Church w/ small cemetery
Livery Stable
General Store
and a Streetscape that brings the little town to life..

You can head on over to DTRPG and pick it up HERE.

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