A New Emperor Rises Fantasy Flight Games Purchases L5R License


The ever-growing Goliath that is Fantasy Flight games has recently made a new purchase. They have picked up license to Legend of the Five Rings from AGE. This could mean a lot for the ailing brand. L5R is a rich setting and much could be done with it. The future of the card game looks to be taking the route of FFG’s living card game route. If you would like to learn more about FFG’s LCG’s you can bring yourself up to speed on them HERE.

As for the RPG they have not spoken much as to what we will see form FFG for L5R. Many fans have already spoke out in request for supplements only and to keep the system intact. On a personal note I find this to be an unlikely event. I think they will look over the system and put their own spin on it while atempting to keep and honor the systems former rules set. I expect to seem something like FFG’s Star Wars & Warhammer lines. L5R’s future is likely to be another original custom dice system based on Drama and Tension where Star Wars had an emphasis Narration. All of this is speculation on their trends of the past.

You can read the full announcement HERE.


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