#RPGaDay2015 Day 17 Favorite Fantasy RPG #DND5E

RPG a day 2015 - Twitter

Currently I would have to say my favorite fantasy RPG would be fifth edition Dungeons and Dragons. The game shows how much care went into the development of this product after losing many of its fans with his fourth edition iteration.

Wizards of the coast was bold in taking several years to draw on the feedback of their fan base in putting together the fifth edition. As well as made a very concerted effort to go back to the roots in everything from artistic layout to encounter design. The desire to make an edition that would draw back its fan base is apparent. As well as the thought and care to bring qualities from each addition to this new addition can be easily seen in the product. Rules that were good rules were considered long and hard before being kept or dropped from the new edition and it shows.

They took their lumps while making this edition and promised to deliver a good game. When being accused of trying to turn D&D into a cash grab they addressed how they release books for the game to the point that some have now accused them of not releasing content fast enough. When people complain that their books were too expensive or that they had been turned off by 4E and would not spend the money on a new edition. They responded by releasing a free version of the game for levels 1-20.  These are all bold moves driven by pride in your product. I shows on every page and in every action of their new business model.

Now Dragon Mag is back as well as it is free. It is a strange new world we are in again. With D&D quickly moving to the front of the pack to stay as king for a long time again. Pathfinder still outstrips D&D in one area. They have the best living game with PFS that has ever been. This is likely not to going to change anytime soon.

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