#RPGaDay2015 Day 16 Longest Session Played Rifts

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My longest game ever played was actually my longest game I ever ran. While I was in the service I was running a rifts campaign. As with any game that was run while in the service there was always the risk of deployment.

My memories of the game itself are very vague. Likely because among my friends and I need the story of the game became more a legend then the game itself. All I remember is that for one reason or another we decided to run a marathon game on a Saturday. At 8 or 9 o’clock in the morning we had breakfast as a group and 10 AM game was underway.

Pizza and other delivery foods were how we handled any food from the time the dice started rolling on. That game rolled on all day and into the night. When you get the 12 hour mark at 10 PM and continue on like champs. Somewhere around two or 3 AM a bit of heavy role-plays started. As a GM I was involved in the discussions going on and apparently drifted off to sleep. My players in their excitement and tested in the story noticed and continue to ask a question as the game rolled on.

At some point one of the players that they’re going to master had fallen asleep. That did not return them as they noticed I was replying to the questions they were asking in-game. I am told that this went on for nearly an hour. Finally they woke me up had a few laughs and game continued. wrapped up game that night at somewhere around four or five of the morning.

So not counting sleep that didn’t stop the game my longest game ever rinks in that about 19 hours.  Also not a feat I care to do again anytime soon.

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