#RPGaDay2015 Day 5 Most Recent RPG Purchase

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In the age of steam, coal is king.

My most recent RPG purchase is a Pathfinder Campaign Setting Pure Steam. I am a big fan of Steampunk settings. I have yet to find my go too Steampunk system and this one may just be the contender that I have been looking for. I have not read much of this book at the time of the blog. Heck I have not done much more than flipping through the book and giving it a glance. But every bit that I did give more than a passing glance I found to be very well done.

A few things in Pure Steam that caught my eye.

  • The Chaplain, a class able to heal, buff, harm, and bewilder allies and foes through personality and science. She adventures to further the goals of her association, each of which grants unique powers and options.
  • The Gearhead, a class able to create wondrous effects through the use of technology. The Gearhead is able to construct useful and dangerous gear on the fly with a draft book full of schematics.
  • Unique class archetypes such as the Blockade Runner, Fumigant, Grease Rat, or Ructioneer.

The chaplain looks awesome from what I have looked at. As is the Gearhead. Of the class archetypes the Fumigant is the one that I spent the most time reading and it was very cool as well. I will be reviewing this book soon on my blog but between now That is about all that I can say of the game.

If you are already excited and can’t wait for my review you can pick it up at DTRPG HERE

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