The Strange & Numenera Mash ups.

It is well-known that Monte Cook Games  is rolling out the Cypher System later this year. I your like me you are as chomping at the bit to devour any content that you can while we wait. Much of Numeneara and The Strange are cross compatible and in these two posts Monte explains how easy it really is to adapt Foci and Descriptors from one setting to the other.


Recently I blogged about The Strange in Transition Character Options book that came out and the tremendous amount of content it added to The Strange RPG.
With a very little work you can add nearly all of content from this book into any Numeneara game. Now thanks to MCG they have gone ahead and given you some examples to get your started. They are worth taking a look !

I would also suggest anyone out there that does not have it seriously think about picking up the PDF or a copy of When Worlds Collide



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  1. I’m currently running a hybrid game of Numenera/The Strange which started off with character generation partially done via A Penny For My Thoughts. The players are playing agents for the Estate, but were rendered amnesiacs during an accident when exploring the Ninth World recursion, a recursion artificially created as part of an experiment in guided fictional leakage by Researchers Cook and Germaine under the supervision of Chief Researcher Cordell.

    Mechanically, they started off with their character Types taken from the Strange, but their Foci and descriptors taken from both The Strange and Numenera (limited to what was appropriate to the Ninth World recursion).

    Most of them got their memories back (turns out, they weren’t playing their actual characters at the start, but were playing clones of their characters, 2 of them killed themselves and their originals in stasis woke up, 1 ended up killing his original by accident, 1 never released/rescued the original and has tagged along with the group).

    It’s been Strange and Weird, so all in all the combo has worked well!


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