Signal Boost – A Gamer Needs Help With Daughter’s Cancer Treatment Expenses

Passing along the call for gamer’s helping gamer’s !

Rolling Boxcars

Meet Serene Meet Serene, a courageous teen battling cancer

Earlier today I came across a gentleman named Ric M. in one of the many buy/sell/trade groups I belong to on Facebook who posted he was considering selling off his collection to raise funds for his daughter’s cancer treatment expenses. His situation hit me link a ton of bricks! I am a parent and a grandparent and I can’t imagine being this guy’s shoes, but I would do the same thing that he is doing without thinking twice. I love my family more than my books or my hobby.

Ric and I have never met or gamed together, but I felt compelled to action. He and I chatted at length this evening and I arranged to purchase several items I needed to fill in holes in my collection of older D&D books and module sets and I was happy to support his efforts…

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