Simple Weather Lookup Chart

I have been looking for a decent Weather generator for my game all week> Now until I find that darn world Generator program that can give me the weather or the whole year I think I will be using this.
I will add how I think I will be using the tables to make them work the best for me. Instead of rolling once at nighttime and once for day. I will roll twice still .. but the first roll will be for the weather. My second roll will be for the direction on the chart the weather will take. SO If I roll a 2 and a 5. I will get the results of the weather for the next two days.
Day 1. Scattered Showers, then Cloudy.
Day 2. Clear and Cool then a Chilly night.

So if I roll a 2 and a 1. It would go from Scattered showers to Rain.

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