Dungeon Master’s Screen Review

Rebloged for the idea of this addition to the DM screen alone ! “reference index to all of the tables and rules in the core rulebooks” PLEASE !
also you echo much of my feeling that nearly half of the screen is of little to no use art or fluff. Sadly. I really liked it when I first looked at it.. It took a day or so of looking at the use lessness of it to sink in.



I received the new Dungeon Master’s Screen last week and wanted to give my thoughts on it. Let me preface all of this by saying that owning the Dungeon Master Screen is in no way necessary to DM a game. It is more of a nice to have accessory. To me a good DM screen needs to serve three functions. First, it needs to be pleasant to look at on the players’ side since they are going to spend plenty of time staring at it. Next it needs to adequately block the players’ view of what the DM is doing behind it. Finally, the screen should include useful information on the DM’s side for quick reference.

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