Vathak Grimoires: The Drowning Ceremony Review

Vathak Grimoires: The Drowning Ceremony

Author: Jason Keeleyfgoblinlogo
Editor: John Bennett
Artist: Rick Hershey
Design and Layout: Rick Hershey
Fat Goblin Games Team Members: Chris Bayes, Eric Hindley, John Bennett, Justice Antonio Mora,
Kalyna Conrad, Lucus Palosaari, Nick Esposito, Rick Hershey, Troy Daniels, Tyler Beck
Line Developer: John Bennett
Publisher: Fat Goblin Games

 Early one chill morning, a fisherman discovered a collection of unusually large scales, dried fins, and flattened pieces of reed strung together with moldy netting washed up on the shore of Lake Pethegas. He believed it to be nothing but flotsam, but as he approached, he noticed faint markings of an unknown language scribbled upon its pieces. The words seemed to twist and writhe of their own accord, and the fisherman ran screaming from the lakeside. To this day, he grows pale at the sight of any large body of water.

Vathak Grimoires: The Drowning Ceremony is a supplement for Shadows over Vathak, especially those exploring the area of the Colonies. This product is a perfect supplement for anyPathfinder Roleplaying Game, especially horror. The Vathak Grimoires product line presents a single spellbook with history, spells, rituals, and other new and optional rules.

So what is the Drowning Ceremony ?It is a collection of spells of used by the servants of the Great Old One Orthu’mech, the Sundered Storm. The book is was lost, and now might have ended up in the hands of your enemy your group. If your players have obtained it. Evil will likely be seeking them out to regain their lost tome. If your enemy’s have obtained it. Your lives may have just gotten a lot worse off.

The layout of this book sets the feel. The look of the pages makes you feel that you have in your hands an ancient worn tome. Again as always I just love the look of the PDF’s that they do.  The next nice pro is the spells are generic enough to fit in any Pathfinder setting even though they were created with the intent to be run in Vathak. This is a good thing as can appeal to a larger audience.  And it would fit well in any lovecrafttian style horror game without any need of adjustment as long as it was run in the Pathfinder setting.
In addition to the Ten Spells created for The Drowning Ceremony they also include two feats and the write of for all the spells contained in the book itself.

I had hoped to see zero or first level spells in the book. But sadly there were not.  And maybe a Domain list. Other than that I see no negatives to speak of.

Would I Recommend It ?
If you have Vathak then this is a good book for you. If you have pathfinder and have been running a horror game. This book will come in handy.

Where can I get it?

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