Shadows of Esteren – A Medieval Horror RPG: Occultism 7 hours left.


The Shadows of Esteren – A medieval horror RPG is in its final hours.  If you move fast you will have a chance to get in on a mighty fine product. They were asking for $20,000 and destroyed their goal and are over $120,000 ATM. with just under 1,000 backers !
This is an established product moving into the next phase of production and what they have put out to date is nothing short of stunning.

This Kickstarter is for two new projects in the line “Occultism” and a third Music album “Rise”. You heard that right third album. These guys are setting the bar high when it comes to world immersion.

But why back a project that is making new content you ask ? If you are new to their product the core books are included as one of the levels of this kick. So if your interested you can get in on all the content to get your games rolling. But you better move fast or you will miss this one !


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