D&D 5E Rules Web Based

Continuing the slow crawl from the darkness and into information age we can now all welcome the D&D Basic rules to the party. Beginning to finally take on the resemblance of a usable SRD web-based application the rule book is refreshing. I tested it on my PC my iPad and my Android Phone. It was quick to load and very responsive on each platform.
If well received I can only imagine they will test one of two options down the road with the full rules set. Subscription service or one time fee aspect. I myself would much prefer the latter of the two.
But WOTC does not care what I would prefer and will probably return to a subscription base model and once again begin printing Dragon and Dungeon online issues for subscribers. If there is decent content this might be embraced by some. But I suspect that the if this is the case the company that has gone so far to win back the masses will take a heavy blow and it will cost them far more revenue they the would gain if they were to go this route.
Hopefully we will see PDF versions of their products soon. We know the hulking dinosaur that is WOTC can do this as they now offer all of their old content as PDF’s.  This begs the question WHY are we still waiting for PDF and hyperlinked versions of the new books ?
We are in the ERA where you know every product you print is going to be Torented and passed about by some. But many more will just buy a well rendered PDF these days long before they will pay for a hardcover book.

Here is the link give it a look and let us know what you think !


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  1. I caught the press release title on this and I really need to sit down and give it a look as well. So far I am really happy with 5E and that is something I haven’t said about a DnD product for quite awhile. It may change, of course, I was initially fairly content with 4E until you played past about 4th level. Right now they stand to pull people back from Pathfinder if they make the right choices. (The Pathfinder MMO is going to hurt Paizo if they don’t get the prices under control. $5,000 for “Brewmaster”? Seriously?)


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