RPG Review: Monster Movie Matinee

Monster Movie Matinee
Written by Eric Hindley
Layout and Design by Rick Hershey
Fat Goblin Games Team
Chris Bayes, Eric Hindley, John Bennett, Lucus Palosaari,
Nick Esposito, Rick Hershey, Troy Daniels, Tyler Beck
Published by Fat Goblin Games


fgoblinlogoFat Goblin Games has reached back to the sliver screen with their new supplement for the Pathfinder RPG. Monster Movie Matinee is exactly as it sounds. It’s a collection of ten horror movie monsters that you can bring to the table to terrify your players. Each monster has a standard stat block and nice set of skills and ability’s to bring the feel they have on the big screen right to your game table.

Along with a good write up for each monster. There are some ideas and lore you can use as suggestions for placing these monsters  into your pathfinder world more plausibly. Each monster also has a large illustration thanks to the talent of Rick Hershey. The layout of this book is excellent and the backgrounds are top-notch and as good as any you will find adding a lot of quality to the look and feel of the book.

The first big pro here is the monsters themselves. This is not a book of vampires and werewolves as I expected it to be. These monsters are ripped from all eras of horror. Giving you plenty to surprise your players with. And I assure you some of them will never see these horror’s coming. Once they realize they have been thrown into a horror movie. They will also know that the monster will have all the advantage in the encounter. Much like it should be.  So what’s Inside ?
The Creature from the Black Lagoon in all his glory.  Little Shop of Horrors, Mars Attacks,Predator, Stephen King’s It, Pitch Black, A Nightmare On Elm Street, Friday the 13th, Tremors and Sharknado!
This collection of creatures should give you plenty of things to throw at your players. Or provide you the perfect game night encounter when the group can not all make it. I can see using many of these monsters in side quests or maybe in a series of one shot sessions.
These creatures range in Challenge Ratting from three to eleven, so there is plenty of variety contained inside. They should scale up or down easily enough with little effort. One of my favorite things about this set of creatures is that two of them can be used in large numbers and are not swarm creatures. There is also a swarm, of sharks! This brings another level of difficulty to the challenges when facing off against these creatures.

These creatures are not your standard go to monsters as a GM. So your biggest drawback with the product will be that you may not get a ton of use out of it. Other than that I do not see much if anything in the way of a Con with this product.

Would I recommend it ?
As a GM one of the things that we all are constantly in search of is monsters to throw at our players to keep things fresh. This does that in spades. Plus it sprinkles in some fun movie nostalgia along the way.

Where can I get it ?
Click the image and it will take you straight there ! 



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