Pathfinder Society, You Ruin My Convention Experience!

Great conversation going on over here. And a topic that is proving to be more widespread then some thought.

Rolling Boxcars

Convention season in the Southeast begins shortly after the new year starts and I have been looking over all the local and regional conventions to fill out my calendar with great convention experiences. So far, I have found several (see the top of the page) that are on my “to go” list, but there are several regional conventions (they shall remain nameless) that are not on my list for good reason. The regional uptick in Pathfinder Society (PFS) games is getting ridiculous!

Before you flame me, I have played Pathfinder and PFS and it’s not a horrible game, but I have issues with the PFS presence at conventions. See here for a previous blog I wrote.

Ok, now onto my newest observations. Several regional conventions are overly bloating their RPG schedules with PFS games. While a large-ish presence of any game is typically a good thing, but when you are advertising…

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