Bundle of Bundles !

This week as I am in the in middle of packing to move I checked in to see what’s going on in the bundle of holding front. If you don’t know about bundles of holding it a cornucopia of goodness that holds weekly Deals for PDF products of tabletop gamer goodness!
In blur of packing and house hunting I seem to have missed that Bundle of holding is revisiting some of their old bundles that were big hits over the year. So now is your chance to pick up a gaming Christmas gift at the last moment.

This weeks twist is that they have 4 bundles running at once.  One has less than a day remaining but there is still plenty of time to get in on it. And as always. It’s for charity !
So here is a quick round-up of each of the deals out there.

First up with only 22 hours to go.   Over the Edge
The Over Edge bundle is a cool/weird setting. I have only played this once or twice but it was a creepy fun ride and its comes from the mind of Jonathan Tweet. less than $6 bucks gets on in the ground floor of this bundle and under 17 gives you more than 90 bucks in RPG’s ! Not a bad start !

Next up with just under two days to go. The Indie Initiative
This is a huge collection of Indie games. The entry level of the indie initiative is five indie RPG’s for just under $9. That’s not bad for five Top-quality indie games.  You can level this bundle up for just over $22.  Sadly among this collection I have only played the extraordinary adventures of baron Munchhausen .. And let me say.. It is amazing fun ! But to get that book you need to opt in at the level up package portion of this promo.  Even then you’re getting 12 RPG for just over $22 dollars.. Hard to beat when you think about it.

On too with close to three days remaining.  Dungeon world 
For just under $7 you can get in on the ground floor of Dungeon world. This level comes with five books and for that low price you get a great creative system. For a just over ten dollars more you can level up and gain an additional five dungeon world books. So if you only have a few books or have been interested in giving this great game a try. This is the perfect time.

Under six days left on King Arthur Pendragon
My friend over at Rolling Box car’s summed it up best over on his blog. GO GET THIS ! WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE ! The price is a step 12.95 entry level but worth it. And the buy up level is at just under $23.  Not bad well over $100 worth of PDF ! 


Just under a week left on this super system ! Mutants and Masterminds 2E
This is a great go to super hero system. And for the low price of 12.95 you get a nice start of five books. Not a deal, but with one being the character record folio and the other the beginners guidebook.. I would call this bundle more like 3 books then five.
It’s the level up where this bundle shines. You kick this to the next level and you’re getting 9 more books ! So if your thinking of picking this up. I would solidly say go the full mile and pick up the $24 level.

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