Sometimes it’s the little things.

To a few of you it might sound strange to say this. But for me, I want to know that the people behind a product that I enjoy, enjoy it as well. It gives me confidence that the writers and creators are not just there to hit deadlines and collect a pay check. As a player and a designer, this is a hobby that you have to love. With Fifth edition I have caught glimpse here and there that the team are lovers of the game. Dropping little teasing disclaimers here and there is just one example. That they are enjoying the product they are making as much as I am reading and playing it.
So here are a few fun little examples of the Wizards staff having fun with the game.. The first one is a teaser. But for a good cause. WoTC is supporting the Extra Life program and teasing out sections of the DMG with each goal reached. Here we get a tease of Figurines of wondrous power.

FigurinesWondrousPower1     FigurinesWondrousPower2


It would be wrong of me to just tease the little post it that started this blog and not show you the whole reveal so there you go. Have a look at the cool Figurines of power. But before I even looked at the figures when I got the download I read the post-it and it made the sneak peek worth it.
Next up is the Deck of Many Things ! Check this little bit of awesome out.. But but the thing that caught my Eye and made me the smile more than getting a peek at the product turned out to be again the post-its. And that is not Saying I did not like the deck at all ! I just love all the little things that they have been doing.

DoMT_p1    DoMT_p2


Here is the recent Gem from the Monster Manual.



The prize inside of the Hordes of the Dragon Queen book.


And lastly the Gem that started it all !

I don’t how exactly to put my finger on it. But the moment I read this disclaimer I thought to myself. Its going to be okay. They got this edition right. So far so good everyone. They have got this edition right.

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