A Deeper look at the Dice.

Advantage, Disadvantage, And beyond: the true odds of extra D20’s by Kerne Fahey.
This is a quick little blog that I had to share today. With my 5E game looking to start this Friday I felt it was perfect to post it up here. There has been some confusion on the intent of Advantage/Disadvantage rolls in 5E and this blog post does a great job at setting the rules straight. I had the pleasure of catching the post when it popped up today and it hit home with me well. And hence why I am posting about it  here.  I worry that to many GM’s are handing out AD/DisAD with the intent that it is an old school Hero Point. That I can  only hope was never the intent. I think that the designers gave this rule in place of +modifiers with the intent of increasing the odds of a mediocre roll while also making the game feel like you were constantly being rewarded or punished for playing in subtle ways. Thus improving the interaction of GM and player.
Lastly as to the 3D20. I found it interesting and mentioned her I could see a very cool mechanic of allowing my players who had advantage to spend their inspiration to allow them extreme advantage and roll 3D20. In time I may house rule this. Thanks for the good read and getting the brain juices flowing Kerne.

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