Fabled Environments Modern Floorplans Mini Review

Fabled Environments is back again with another cool little map. This time not only are we getting a map of a “Modern Game Store”. But we’re getting The actual Layout of An Existing Modern Game Store!  Myself, not only do I think that this was Pretty cool but its only made better by the fact that the map is done to the ever high standard that Fabled Environments is known for.

With this product, you will also have the ability to select up to six different layers of features that you can add or take away from the finished map. This opens up tons of options!

Pulling the furniture out turns this “Game Store” into any number of useful buildings when you don’t need the furnished layer layout.

Don’t like Event Horizons cool store layout?
Fine pull the Furniture out and design the store the way you want to see it laid out !
As always, this is one of the staple reasons why I love FE products great features giving you plenty of flexibility and top quality map design.

On a side note, I looked up the Store over at Event Horizon Games and was more than a little surprised how well the Fabled Environment Map conveyed the look of the store.
Now I know you are curious so go on take a look It will be worth it.. the internet is cool!
Event Horizon Games

Now I would also mention if your up in that area give these guys a look. They were Vendors at Storm-Con last year and I hope we see them back. Very good guys with a ton of cool toys!

You can find Event Horizon site and Fabled Environments at the links below. You can also pick up Charles’s New map On DriveThruRPG and the link for that is on the right.

Event Horizon Games  Raleigh NC
Fabled Environments



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