#RPGaDay Day 9 Favorite Die/ Die set.

Well this one will be easy and maybe a little brief.. Maybe If I would have looked I would have done this one on time. For me they were both Gifts. And I love both of them very much. So my favorite Die is the one Die to rule them all. My Flashing LED D20 … Yeah .. Its Big its RED.. and if flashes when you roll a Nat 20.. HAHAHA ! I love it.. and if you want to check it out or get one .. You can pick it over at Think Geek.


So like I said that one was fast. On to My Favorite Dice set. In many ways its a Tie. The Set that I have that I cherish the most was a gift from Dwarven Dice. Year’s ago Dwarven Dice began selling precious stone Dice. They also sold Gold Dice in their metal line. Long before the price of gold shot into the stratosphere. Missy picked me up a set of these as a gift. They were about 80 dollars then. And I thought it was way to much at the time.. But once they were in my hand I was sold. They were breathtaking, And I still have them to this day. A friend commented to me about a year and a half ago we will just say that I about fell over at the cost they were listed for. As to the value they are at as of the this posting. Well they have removed them from their website and do not even offer gold dice for sale any longer.

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