#RPGaDay Day 8 Favorite Character





Day #8 Favorite Character

Wow.. well there have been so many. But the answer might come as shock to some. My Favorite RPG Character of all time. Even after almost 20 years gone by of RPG games. Would be from a LARP Game. Largo Sheraton, of Clan Venture. 7th Generation. Converted from Tabletop WoD to then truly reach the height of my love as he really came into his own in the Savannah by Night Larp group.

Minds Eye Theater was in its infancy when Largo was created. I had a good active group of fellow vampire players at my side from the first years nearly nightly killing and culling of each of the Clan heads Largo managed to stay on top of it all. And never raise a hand to anyone in combat or defense. Words were his weapons. And they were more deadly then any gun that could be aimed.
In the over three years that I played Largo I only took part in three combats. Once in a sanctioned Diablerie as a reward for Saving  a Justicar from death. Once in defense when a group of Brujah actually managed to get close enough to make an attempt on his life. And lastly to chase the former Brujah clan head out of the city for making the attempt on his life. In all the time that I played Savanna by night I only played Largo.. because he unlike the rest of the city never changed. My Fave quote over all my game time was when the Prince demanded Largo come to meet with him and my in game reply was to tell the boy Prince

Return to the boy Prince and inform him he can come to me. This city changes Princes more then I change socks. Until he has shown he can keep his position he can respect mine.


Oh the love of largo.. How much fun he was.



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