Maps !

Maps; we all love them.

ivalice4A good map evokes something in each of us. It brings us closer to the games we play. A well drawn map engages us, on a level of visual pleasure and curiosity.  World maps give us an idea of the scale the world our character’s live in. Dungeon’s not only evoke a sense of wonder at the dangers and treasures that lie within them.  They connect you to the history of the world you play in.  Stirring questions of how did this place come to be and how long has this been here? In terms of combat; the map is often one of the few things to bring order to the chaos.0730402012-09-29 16.50.31

Over the next few posts I will be talking about the advantages and disadvantages of multiple types of maps and terrain in games. Their pros and cons.  And I will add some links to some great map you can bring to your games for little or a lot of money depending on the amount your willing to spend.
Stay tuned.


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