Winter is coming !

Inspired by the recent “cold Vortex” !!! Winter is coming is my first mini adventure for the blog. Each day I will post another encounter. These can all be used individually, or tied together for a short adventure. Enjoy

72771bWinter has come early this year and the north the ice shelf rapidly cut off the port village of Frostport. The first snows have fallen and the party has been  hired to get the last shipment of supplies to Frostport before the coming Blizzard season cuts off the only pass to the town for the winter. If the town does not get these supplies the villagers will not make it through the winter months.
The usual Sled team are too far to the south. If the adventures go now they just might be able to save the village and make it back to the pass before the snows block them in for the duration.  If they don’t make it out in time they will be stuck in the cold port towns bar for weeks to come.


Once the players hit the Pass the blizzard sets in. As they are coming down out of the high mountains they are beset by a group of Yeti’s. The Yeti have the high ground rolling boulders and throwing Tree limbs at the party.


From this point if you are running this as a one shot, the players deliver the goods and make it out of the pass with only a few hours to spare. If you are running the full set of encounters as the players make their way back to the pass and the blizzard sets in. The players look to be able to still make it out when they see a vengeful surviving Yeti that causes an avalanche blocking the pass and stranding the party in Frostport


Links to Part Two & Three
Frostport: Winter Is Coming Part 2
Frostport: Winter Is Coming Part 3

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