Tabletop Crafting Project: Laser Puzzle

As a Game Master that uses terrain in my tabletop RPG games, I am constantly on the lookout for good items that I can pick up and turn into something else. My preferred hunting grounds is the flea market and several of the thrift stores locally nearby to my home. Often while out and about … Continue reading Tabletop Crafting Project: Laser Puzzle

They look suspiciously like Rocks…

The other day a friend told me that they would really like some 3D asteroids for their Star Wars X-Wing game. The fact that the ships look so good and everything pops nicely on the board for them was a big draw in the game. But the simple flat tokens for asteroids were effective but … Continue reading They look suspiciously like Rocks…

Introducing the Crafting Corner!

As of today I will be rolling out a new category for my blog. Welcome to the Crafting Corner. This will be the blogging home of my adventures in everything from 3D printed goodness to trying my hand at Candle Making. ( An upcoming Big Surprise Stay Tuned) Think of this as my place to … Continue reading Introducing the Crafting Corner!

Gaming on the Cheep: Mushrooms !

So I'm calling this month main topic gaming on the cheap. Always around this time of the yea.I go digging through stores looking for Halloween or Christmas themed items that I can use as terrain. Almost always you can find a great sale on something that can be used at your gaming table exceptionally cheap. … Continue reading Gaming on the Cheep: Mushrooms !