Figure of the Week: Alain, Iconic Cavalier

Alain, Iconic Cavalier

Today’s figure is Reaper Pathfinder Alain, iconic cavalier. He is wearing full plate, wielding a sword, carrying another sword, dagger, shield and a standard.

I painted him for a friend on commission, for a character that he is playing currently. I think that he turned out alright.

It took me forever to find out who he was because I was looking for a fighter not a cavalier. Once I searched under cavalier, I found him right off.


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Rocket Pig Games Barbarian

This is a line of minis that have caught my eye, I picked this guy up today and I plan on printing him up later today. I will come back and show later and pop a sample print in the info here as well.

Publisher: Rocket Pig Games Inc.
File: One STL File 3d Printed Barbarian
Link: Rocket Pig Games Barbarian

Rocket Pig Games is a leader in the 3D industry. We specialize in creating 3D printable files that work on your home or public 3D printer. If you are looking for unique and flawless 3D printable files to create miniatures, modular terrain, and props then look no further! We have yearly Kickstarters! Follow our progress on our website or on Facebook.

This model does not come with supports. You will need to generate them with the software of your choice or use Autodesk Meshmixer which is free.



These are the settings we have used to get perfect prints on our printers. Printers vary as do different types of filaments and how prints behave in different types of weather! You will need to get comfortable with your printer and how it prints in the hot, cold, and humidity. Regardless of the printer you choose, I recommend keeping your room cool and dry. I also, highly recommend using Hatchbox PLA. It may cost a bit more but it’s 100% worth it. Seriously.

Here’s what is working really well with Hatchbox PLA:

TEMP: 195 (40-55 for bed depending on season)

SPEED: 60 mms



INFILL: 15% (for tiles)




Mixing Figure Flats & Standard Minis.

I have a massive collection of plastic and lead figures and they take up a huge amount of space in my game room. Regularly this has me thinking about better ways to use the space that I have. Now I have a considerably large game room and if I am thinking about it. I know some of you must think about it from time to time as well. Recently I have been pondering ways that I could incorporate figure flats into my games. I love my collection of figures way too much to make the move from Figures to Flats entirely space saving factors be damned. Yet there is no denying that the space saving potential alone is a good motivator to add Figure Flats to your collection.

So I began the process of trying to find ways and reasons that I might use figure flats that would benefit my games in addition to saving space. There were a few things that I did not want from flats that would make one of the easy go to options not right for me.

  1. I did not want paper token monsters. NOT going to do it!
  2. I needed to be able to have several of the same style figures.
  3. I wanted to focus on NPC types that players might encounter in towns.
  4. I did not want to use silhouettes

This ruled out the easy option of “Pathfinder Pawns” as they do not do me any good for several reasons. If I am going to incorporate Flats at the table I would first prefer it not to be Monsters. Second I do not use the Pathfinder system. So I turned to DriveThruRPG and set to searching out some options. I had already been pointed in the direction of Kev’s Lounge for paper mini’s since they were on GM’s DAY Sale I picked up a few of his sets.

The sets that I picked up were

I have settled on the intent that if I am going to use Flats I want to use them to represent NPC’s and “background extras” as well as standard city and town folk. This has several benefits at the table that I foresee. First, it will be so nice that my NPC box will shrink to a binder of figure flats.

8cfdd1f9-3396-4379-8baf-d1096f7ba2deSecondly, at the table, it has the added and much-desired effect of drawing your eye to the key figures on the table. I really liked this effect as it felt like it will make crowded scenes pop when laid out. Also, I like the idea of using flats in other ways at the table as well. I can see laying out a room or a market with several figures all as flats. If a player rolls a high enough perception I can reveal NPC’s token replacing it with Mini. Thus moving the NPC from the background of the story and into the story itself now as an active character.


Another Idea I had would be for use with thieves, assassins or anyone attempting to go unnoticed in a crowd. Leaving these NPC’s literally now hidden in plain sight until the moment they attack or are perceived by the players on the table as Flats. Needless to say, I have come to the decision that there are many interesting and worthwhile options.

Kev’s Lounge Paper mins give me just about everything I need to round out the town atmosphere. Additionally, every figure has several layer options that you may set before you print them. Each color on the models has if I recall as many as options in some cases. This gives you a tremendous amount of options if you desire them.

e270ec51-6ed2-44ba-9de6-4edcc06254bcThe thing that impressed me most was his cool basing system. With a fold here and a cut there you are left with a reusable slotted base for your Figure Flats. Allowing you to swap any of the Figures into only just a handful of Bases if you don’t want to make a base for each mini. Additionally, the bases come in Stone or Wood. I just did not print any wood ones out at the time of my taking the photos.NOTE: you might notice pennies on the picture there. I wanted to add a touch of weight to the bases to keep them from blowing around the table. They are well designed and do not knock over easy. But in my game room, I have two ceiling fans that run at a good clip most games. This would help them stick where I put them. As it turns out it worked perfectly.


So I am glad that I have decided to move forward with bringing this option of added atmosphere to my table. What do you think? Would you use Flats at your table? Do you mix Figure Flats with your Minis already? Or do you use Flats or Figures exclusively?


They look suspiciously like Rocks…

The other day a friend told me that they would really like some 3D asteroids for their Star Wars X-Wing game. The fact that the ships look so good and everything pops nicely on the board for them was a big draw in the game. But the simple flat tokens for asteroids were effective but did not “Feel” like big floating rocks in space.
So I set to the task of crafting some asteroids, I have made a set that I like very much in the past but they have a few negative aspects that I will touch on later. I headed to the internet to see if anyone had done some of the hard work for me already and it turned out that they had. On thingverse I found two styles of asteroids and decided on the half rock asteroids over Rocks on stands.

My reasoning was this. If I made them with flat bottoms and They could be simply set over the top of the existing tokens. Thus if an starship looks as if it were going to strike the 3D model. You can simply lift the rock up and out of the way to determine if it did indeed need to roll for collision. As well as have a marker on the board of where to return the asteroid once the model was out of the way. Without putting a token on the board I worried issues would arise as to proper placement in later rounds.

I so I printed off a run of them and I was pleased to find them waiting for me several hours later. Once they cooled off I primed them and popped them off the rafts I printed them on. Touching them up with a bit of supper fine sandpaper and a layer of texture spray paint was the next step.

Once they dried I hit them with sealer and moved back to the craft table with my “Space Rocks”. I stenciled out some rubber bases while the amazing hot glue gun heated up. After a few snips and cuts it was ready to go. A nice layer of Glue and some pressure till they dried and I was very satisfied with the end result.
I took them to show them off at the game store the next day and my fellow players were supper pleased with the result! What do you guys think ? Would you use these at the table?

Now in the past I had made another set with stands and Lava Rocks. They look is great on the table. BUT, yeah we have a but. The rocks were ugly in transport and tended to be top heavy. Also they did not cover the stands of the tokens they stood on top of them. Overall I prefer this look.  How about you guys ?

Now I know that there are a ton of other ways these could have been made, Everything from using paper Mache or insulation foam. But for me I just love having an excuse to crank something out with the printer.

you can find the Thingverse File I used here,



Wizkids unveils Unpainted Mini product

Earlier this month Wizkids announced that they were preparing to release a new line of minis for gamer’s in the 4th quarter this year. This is not the first time that WizKids has put out a line of unpainted minis. Back in the day of Mage Knight they had released a very nice line of figures with the help of Ral Partha.

There will be several differences between that line from years ago and this one. This is aimed to focus on something that many gamers have been screaming to the rafters at for many years that they would wish for game companies to do. Packaging sets of monsters & Characters in several poses! This is HUGE for a GM who wants to assemble small mobs of monsters of the same types. The details so far say that the 150 sculpt set will have.



lowlevelThe collection will include iconic characters, creatures, and even scene-building elements, all available in three types of specialty packs that will each contain a variety of sculpts:

  • Hero Packs will contain both a low-level and high-level sculpt of the same featured character.
  • Designed with army-building in mind, Monster Packs will contain 1-3 miniatures with different poses of a single monster.
  • Item Packs will contain scenery and items for detailing adventures.

leveled-upThe highly detailed miniatures feature an enhanced sculpting process, which highlights minute elements, and includes deep cut surface detail and scaled features for easier hand painting. They also come in dynamic and exciting poses, are pre-primed with Acrylicos Vallejo paint, and are ready to go directly out of the box. Customize the look and feel of your characters and campaign like never before

I over my years have known many gamers as well as myself that hunt for miniatures in and out of combat poses or mounted. Knowing that now there will be a line of figures out there focused on exactly this kind of thing is awesome. I was able to find an image of one of the minis other than the Wizkids photos and the details look pretty great !


Not to mention Scenery packs! There are plenty of Dwarven forge and Hirst arts stuff out there.But Scenery and furnishings are hard to come by and it makes me happy as a GM to know that there might now be a nice line of products for me to fill all my dwarven forge layouts with at a cheaper scale. As of now I have not seen or been able to find any images of the scenery items but If they hold up to the same level of quality I will be very pleased.