Introducing the Crafting Corner!

A4e3f07d0-d2f5-4af7-865c-b9cb4347c8cfs of today I will be rolling out a new category for my blog. Welcome to the Crafting Corner. This will be the blogging home of my adventures in everything from 3D printed goodness to trying my hand at Candle Making.
( An upcoming Big Surprise Stay Tuned)
Think of this as my place to give you a small glimpse inside another side of my love for the hobby. It will also be a bit of a cattle prod to get myself working on several projects I have had in the wings for some time now!
Here are a few shots of some of what you might be seeing me talk about here. Also, please feel free to comment and ask questions! I will mention that I am dangerously close to a novice at much of this as you can get. But hey! you only live once and I still have all my fingers!



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