What gives a game staying power? #RPGaDay2018

2018 Questions

#RPGaDay2018 What gives a game staying power? I like this question because in games I both play and run this is actually important to me. So let’s take a few minutes and talk about a couple of things that make us excited to keep playing a game week after week.   Level Advancement […]

What do You Love About role-playing games?

I see this year #RPGaDay2018 questions are starting off strong. So,”What do you love about role-playing games?” Well, honestly there’s a lot to love about role-playing games. When you get right down to it we are part of a  hobby that in some ways centuries old if not far older. […]

Tales from the Loop RPG is heading to Amazon TV

Tales from the Loop on Amazon

Tales from the Loop is coming to Amazon TV. You heard it right, that is not a mistake. Amazon has ordered up a direct-to-series Sci-fi drama. Lets just let that sink in for a moment.   That’s right Amazon has green light this show for more than just a pilot.  […]

Baldur’s Gate Designer Leaves Bioware To Create D&D Publishing Company!

Odyssey RPG

  James Ohlen was one of the architects of the 1990s’ Baldur’s Gate and Baldur’s Gate II video games, along with other classic CRPGs. He has been working for BioWare for over 22 years, but now he’s leaving to publish D&D adventures with his new company, Arcanum Worlds, and their first hardcover sourcebook, the Ancient […]