Runkle Plays Games, Post Game Wrap-Up

So when your weekly tabletop RPG is wrapping up and you have a week or two until your next game session. When does your game prep start? For me it begins before my players even leave the table.

Post Game Wrap Up

Post game I often have two things that I try and do after every session. One is game related the other is to prevent complacency as a GM and promote communication.

One of the first things I do after a game, is ask my players what they thought of the game! This is a key part of my game prep. I also want my players to know the lines of communication are always open with me. During this time I am seeking feedback and insights from my players, good or bad. Often it is in these brief interactions in the few min while game is wrapping up that players will open up and share their thoughts more candidly. Often I am also able to take away deeper insights as to what the players may be thinking is going on in the greater story as well.

I think that it is important to note that I used to ask if my players “Had Fun”. This prompt too often would result in comments like “Good Game” Or “Yah it was Great”. By not priming the conversation with a leading question I found I get much better feedback. I find that asking “What did you think? or How was game?” Often gets you a far more in depth on topic response about the game itself.

Get Feedback

Take Notes

Luckily for me often after game is over I have some quiet time where I can reflect on the game. During this time I take notes about what happened during the session for my upcoming game prep. This is never a very extensive note taking session as often five to ten minutes of note taking is all I need for a 4-6 hour game. Even if the game session has taken a hard turn and we have ventured into uncharted territory I keep this bit of my game prep short. I Never spend more than 20 min or so on this step of my game prep.

Next Time Downtime & Session Prep…

Next time I will share some of the things things I do between game sessions and before game day itself that I personally find make for a better game master experience for me at the table from week to week.

How has Gaming Changed You? #RPGaDay

So let’s get back to the list of #RPGaDay 2018 questions, shall we? Today’s question is How has gaming changed you? 

This question is a very hard one for me to be honest. I imagine that it is intended more for gamers that that who may be relatively new to the hobby. For me gaming has always been a part of who I am. I discovered the hobby at around eight or nine years old. I first discovered roleplaying games at my local library and instantly fell deeply in love with the hobby. Even before discovering dungeons and dragons I had a deep love for the Arthurian legends. So the chance to play a game where I and my friends could be knights of legend ourselves! Shortly after I found my first group and from that day forward gaming has been a part of my life.


RPGaday2018 words

So I have to think hard to decide in ways gaming changed my formative years. I know that gaming made me more accepting of others. When I was younger there was no internet to assist anyone in finding groups, and satanic panic was in full swing a few short years later. Needless to say, if we found gamers we were not very picky. We would work with them to help make them better gamers. Another way that gaming changed me would be my reading habits. The hobby turned me into a voracious reader for many years, sadly this is a habit that I have fallen out of and need to embrace once again. I know there are likely more ways that gaming changed me over the years.

The reality is that I have been gaming for so long that it has had an influence on far too many things to list in one short blog. Either way, if you ask me all of these ways that gaming changed me were for the better.


So how has gaming changed you?



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2018 Questions

What gives a game staying power? #RPGaDay2018

#RPGaDay2018 What gives a game staying power?

Day 3 2018

I like this question because in games I both play and run this is actually important to me. So let’s take a few minutes and talk about a couple of things that make us excited to keep playing a game week after week.


Level Advancement

I think when games have a system in place for character or level advancement these systems tend to be the ones with the most staying power. When a player can see growth in more than just the stories progression their level of enthusiasm is easier to maintain. Character advancement can even breath new life int a character with leveling options like new skills, abilities, and powers. Now I know there will be some to argue that well don’t all RPGs have advancement?

While yes most every RPG does, but there are several games out there with a very small creep when it comes to advancement in the game. Personally, I would point to percentage based systems as games that have a hard time with making players feeling like they are really improving from level to level. Often improvement in % based systems only have players ticking up their chance of success by a few points. This can result in a player looking back after a long story and feeling like they have not really improved much over the span of a campaign.   

Game Balance

Proper game balance also can have a tremendous effect on the staying power of a game. If it anytime the balance of the game tips to the favor of the players or the monsters it quickly becomes frustrating for both Players and DMs. As a DM I think that is when a game begins to run the risk of quickly falling apart. If every challenge seems insurmountable because of poor game balance your player’s investment will wane quickly.

Now the same holds true For the gamemaster if the amount of preparation time far outweighs the fun that the GM is having during the game session. His personal staying power will quickly reach a breaking point.
so every game has to be balanced for staying power with players and Storytellers in mind.  


What do you think gives a game Staying Power? Does It matter to you that much in the games you play? I look forward to hearing from each of you on this topic.


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