Crafting Thursday, Making D12 Containers

Well, today was day 8 of #RPGaDay but I was not really a fan of the question. So instead of picking an alternative question, I decided it was going to be a craft day for me. About two weeks ago I picked up found these vases pictured below in the store. I have been itching to turn these tabletop geometric vases into D12 containers. So I picked up a pad of numbered stickers and set about putting the numbers on each of them.

I chose to make the numbers look as authentic as a D12 dice would look on the table. In the end, the dice lover in me won and I did indeed set myself to put the right number on each side facing properly. It just looks RIGHT this way.

I know at this stage it looks like they only remember D12s in shape. When the stickers were finally on it did begin to feel like I just might pull this off. I picked out a  few colors and gave each of them a few layers of each coat and left them out to dry. Once they were dry I sat down with an X-acto knife and one by one removed the stickers. Once they were all cleaned up I gave them each a couple of layers of gloss coat so they would look nice.


The Results D12’s!




I am pretty happy with the end result! I have one more dice to do in the next few days I just ran out of stickers for my templates.

Well, I hope you all enjoyed this short easy craft. It was fun and the most time-consuming part was getting the numbers lined up.
Until next time!


Here are some links to other crafts I have done in the past.


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They look suspiciously like Rocks…


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