2018 Questions

#RPGaDay Announcement

Last year I had said that I was unsure if I was going to continue with #RPGaDay in the future. I had concerns that the questions were no longer as good as they once had been. My other concern in years past has been writers burn-out. Thirty-one blogs in a month is a tall order for many bloggers. In years past I have seen myself struggle to finish and then take a few weeks to get back into writing regular content after.

That said will I be participating in this years #RPGaDay? Yes.

This year I have fallen out of the habit of sounding off and sharing my thoughts here on the blog regularly. I will be the first to admit it has been a slow year here. That said I have been telling myself that I wanted to start whipping the blog into its old self again. I think this will be a good way to get back into the habit of regularly blogging about RPG content once more.

Also, I think that this yeas questions are far better prompts than previous years. So not only do I look forward to answering them, but I hope that some of you share your answers as well. I look forward to having a month of good conversations about RPG’s with all of you!


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