Kickstarter Watch, DRAGONLOCK 3: Dangerous Lairs


Fat Dragon Games is back once more with their third Kickstarter, Dangerous Lairs! Fully funded in under a day this is going to be another great Kickstarter project for fans of D&D terrain who have 3D printers. For as much as I love my beautiful Dwarven Forge if you have been following their recent projects the price just keeps going up.

Because of that many gamers have summoned their inner crafter and in the last couple of years begun embracing 3D printing options more and more. I for one am in that crowd. I dabbled for a year as I got more and more comfortable with 3D printing and I have been stocking up on the filament to begin printing out more of my Fat Dragon goodness that I already own!

In this project, you are not getting any physical product, you are kicking for a giant pile of digital STL files. Better yet, Fat Dragon has even thrown in castle walls for free because they have received such overwhelming support.


If you have a 3D printer or you have considered getting one this is a great project to keep your eye on. Fat Dragon has more than delivered on every one of their past projects and updated and made changes to the files as they have learned more.

Dragonlock alone is a perfect reason to back this product if you are on the fence.

Simply for the fact that Kickstarter one did not have Dragonlock, DragonBite clips. But when the guys at Fat Dragon decided it was an improvement they retro applied it to all previous tiles FOR FREE!

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