Great Board Game Find, Scotland Yard

Today while checking out some of my local thrift stores I stumbled on a great deal! I copy of Scotland Yard in perfect order. It looked as if it was maybe played one time ever. So I  picked it up and gave it a new home for well under five dollars! Best yet it seems I got really lucky and my game is not only totally intact but after looking up some images I realised that I got the sweet REAL MR X. hat, and not the terrible cardboard thing that comes in many boxes.


I have only one game of Scotland Yard under my belt in the past so I am looking forward to getting this on the table and me and my friends giving it a few plays. Like it or hate it as long as we have fun for a game or two this time we will have scored a win! Better yet if we turn out to love it then it will be a game we will keep around the table for years to come.

I have been wanting to try and hook my players with some games of this style for a while and this was an opportunity that could not be missed. I have been wanting to get into a game of Last Friday Night and I am secretly hoping this is the gateway game to get my players motivated to get it.


So please, pitch in and comment what other great games like this are out there for me put on my radar and look out for. I look forward to coming back soon and letting you all know what my thoughts on the game and if I enjoyed it as much as I hope.


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