#RPGaDay2017 3rd Day: How do you find out about new RPGs?

fb_img_1500709153124 HI REZ

This one for me is a slight bit more complicated than it is for others that will likely answer this today. As a Blogger that has done many reviews over the years and of late some of my reviews having been featured with big Kicstarters. I have from time to time been contacted before an PRG has even come out or in one or two cases even gone to kickstarter.

SO, other than that how do I find out about RPG’s. Well mostly like the rest of you. I keep my eye out for Kickstarters. I keep an eye on the product catalogs of the companies who make products that I like. These things are all great ways to never miss a product.

When big cons like Pax, Gen-Con or Dice Tower Con hit I look for news over the weekend of new games that are being talked about. These are all simple things that anyone can do to keep on top of what is about to come out or Kickstarter’s to keep your eye on for upcoming launch days.

That is about all there is to it, What are some of the other ways you find out info on upcoming RPG?

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