#RPGaDay2017 2nd Day: What is an RPG you would like to see published? MASS EFFECT


I am going deep into my archives for my answer of this blog today. Two years ago on day nine of #RPGaDay2015! The question was,

#RPGaDay2015 Day 9 Favorite Media you wish was an RPG

 Fast forward two years and we get a question similar and sadly after two years we still have not seen a “REAL” interpretation of the game. So what RPG would I like to see published?


By the gods, I want to see this game made into an RPG and I know I am not the only one!
In 2015 a homebrew nonlicensed version of Mass Effect was put up for three Ennie awards! The demand is clear that we want this game!
The reasons are many as to why I want would love to see this game. It is a rich setting with a ton of lore just begging to be brought to the table. Games can take place on a huge number of environments. Each of the races are well detailed and distinct have their own rich story elements that add to the flavor of the game.
Mass Effect provides you with a solid core group of class and enough customization options with its specializations, Talent’s and Powers that characters will feel fresh.
If you give a nod to Fragged Empire and its equipment modification ideas and you will have more than enough variety of equipment to keep everyone happy at the table for a long time to come. Fragged’s Income and Equipment Management system would work very well in a Mass Effect game.
Can you home brew it? Definitely and it has been done several times to great effect. This again proves how solid of a setting it is that with some tinkering you can homebrew it.
What systems do I think it could be done well in if you wanted to try to homebrew it yourself?
  • Fate                      (2015 hack was nominated for 3 Ennies)
  • Cypher System
  • Fragged Empires
  • Savage Worlds   (at one time there was a hack)
  • D6 System           (also had a hack once)
  • Traveler               (has had a hacked version as well)
  • Shadowrun Accelerated (could work would need heavy tinkering)
  • Apocalypse world
  • G.U.R.P.S

Did I miss any systems that Mass Effect would convert easily into? Do you want to see a MASS EFFECT RPG?

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