Monday Muse Last muse of 2016 Looking to 2017

Hello, my friends and welcome to the last Monday Muse of 2016. It’s been one hell of a year. Overwhelmingly most people will say this was a pretty rough year. We have seen famous people pass away, watched the country struggle with politics to the point of exhaustion, only to see the struggle continue after the election like a zombie that will refuse to give us any peace or time to recover from the event.Thankfully the one bright constant for most of us has remained throughout it all. Our love of games and gaming. Without Games this year would have been a pretty hard pill to swallow!

For me, my blog has been a pleasant safe haven from the doom and gloom of most of this year’s events. Yet even my blog was not without a few lows this year. Personally, I thought the low point for my blog this year was after the events of MACE con when I was laid low by illness after Illness to the point of by the first week of December I had forgotten what it was like to feel well.

Looking forward I know now that I want to begin to get ahead of my day to day blogging efforts. I did this with this years RPGaDay content and found that it made the entire experience more enjoyable. Also in doing so if I suffer an illness or go away to a convention or vacation. Like the Spice of Dune, the content MUST continue to flow.  I have a number one goal that suffers little to no hick ups like it did this year in 2017. Also, it will give me a chance to talk about upcoming features from time to time. Overall I think it will improve my blog and how I approach blogging all for the better.

I love doing reviews and going forward into 2017 I will continue to do reviews. With one change, I will be slowing down in the number of PDF reviews I do a month. I will still be doing them as I love to feature the authors & the products that they trust me to give honest heartfelt reviews on. My reasons for this is due to the honest fact that it takes a lot of time and effort to read absorb and review some of the larger content that I have looked at in the past year. So I am going to be a tad more selective in the coming year. Additionally, I hope to begin doing more physical product reviews on the blog. I have had the opportunity to do a few wonderful product reviews in 2016 and they were my favorite reviews I did in 2016.

For a long time, I kept much of the work on my game world separate from what I would do on my blog. I can’t honestly express how much silly my reason for it was. But for years I have kept my homebrew content separate from the content of my blog. In 2016 I revealed my game world to my readers and you all reacted positively. Later I featured a few glimpses of my world myth and my races and they were received positively as well.
So going forward I will begin to feature my homebrew ideas on my blog for everyone to see and enjoy.. or criticize more often. I hope everyone continues to enjoy my homebrew stuff.

Lastly, I plan to dip my toes in the water with some audio podcast attempts and see how well RunklePlaysGames is received among the audio crowds. I have done small Google hangouts once or twice and I enjoyed them. I have been accused of having the gift or gab. So I will have to learn the skill of staying on target and topic.

A little over three years ago I started this journey for me and me alone. Three years later I can proudly say that going into 2017 I known it is a journey that I am NOT alone on. Thank you all for your likes, support and comments. All of you make this so much more worth the effort!



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