RunklePlaysGames What Happened to November?

Hey, everyone, I am still here, mostly. Going into November I had planned on ramping up and pushing out a ton of content. But life sometimes throws you curve balls. I rolled right out of MACE haveing expected to be excited about all of the blog content that I would get to. Instead, I was laid low with Con Crud before I even got home. I was asleep more than awake for most of the first week after the con. By the weekend I was starting to feel normal and actually got out of the house only to realize that I was not yet well and overdid it resulting in me going right back down again till nearly Thanksgiving.

By Thanksgiving, I was finally clear of it. It turned out to be one of the better Turkey Apocalypse days I have been a part of in awhile. Yet that proved to be short-lived as by Monday I was down again with a Demonic stomach bug that I would not wish on anyone. Yesterday I was pleased that I thought I had finally shook that but it seems it is now back for round two.

I had attempted to do a few blogs while I was sick but let me be the first to tell you. They were bad. I just could not focus enough to put any quality on the page. Let alone make much sense. I am still on the mend but wanted to put out a short blog letting my friends and readers know that I am not gone. I will be back as soon as I am done being on the mend. There is a lot of content I have backlogged now and need to get too. So expect a long from the blog when it gets back up and running.

Thanks for making this something to look forward to getting back too!
See you Soon!


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