Kickstarter Watch: Scion 2nd Edition

Find Your Destiny

Live The Myth

Embrace Your Fate

Scion is a game about gods, humanity, and everything in between. It’s a game about mythic deeds and the legends those deeds engender.

The ancient powers never fully went away. They wander our modern roads and cities, mingling with the teeming masses of humanity. You are one of their children, born to the magic of yesterday and the promise of tomorrow.

Armed with weapons possessed of mighty powers, the Scions, divine offspring of both god and man, stand as humanity’s only defense against the savage Titans, dread forebears of the gods. Even the gods themselves cannot stand united, as ancient rivalries spring forth once more.

Scion second edition has a little over two weeks left and it is destroying its funding goal and knocking out stretch goals left and right. Currently, with over 800% of it’s funded goal &  10 stretch goals cleared out of the 15 total it is well on track to meet all of its extended goals as well!

Better yet this is an experienced Kickstarter team made of many of the creators of the first edition as well with over 21 created projects under their belt. Added to this they are allowing early access preview of what they already have done.

Scion Early

Early Acess


Scion works off a combination of a Tiered D10 system as noted above with Target numbers set by the Tier of the player. It’s a smooth fast system with a stunt mechanic in place. Overall a solid system that moves a fast pace.

Entry level for this project is a ROCK bottom price of 10 bucks for the Origin book on PDF or 20 for both Origin and Hero on PDF and 40 Dollars for the Origin book in physical form.
if you have a spare 20 buck don’t let this one slip by you.

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