Day 16… What Historical person you would like in your group and why?
Oh, good grief. Really ?

Since I know tons and tons of you will pick Gary the Great Gygax.
I am going to tip the well in another direction.

If I could bring back someone to game with that I know loves a good story and would make the table a better place. Heck, the world a better place just by being back in it.
Robin Willams.

The only downside here would be the hilarity and be laughing as well as the pure joy of having a personality so amazing  at the table. The downside of a personality so big you would never get anything done in the game but be totally happy never getting out of town ever week with him in the group lol.

NOTE: I also asked this question to my group. Who would they like to  join the table should be talked about with the group. Some names of note that the group called out for.
Lovecraft, Poe & Frank Herbert.

Who would you pick ?

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