#RPGaDay2016 Day 15 Your best source of Inspiration for RPG’s?


So here we are nearly to the halfway mark of the #RPGaDay questions for 2016. And today’s question is a good one. Sources of inspiration, and what do I find as the best source. Nope, yet again I am going to the question here. I find inspiration in so many different places I can’t just list one. After all, if I dip into the same well too many times the taste gets old.

So here we go in no particular order. Well, right now I am listening to Music. Music is a great source of inspiration for me personally. It brings out emotions as well as the right song will make me reflect on things and get my creative energy flowing.

Playing in other people’s games. Man for me that is always a great source of inspiration. To see how other GM’s run a combat or portray NPC’s I could DM watch for hours. I love to study how other GM’s handle the game and see if they do anything that I can add to my own book of tricks.

Real life events historical and current. often some things in real life are so crazy  you could not have made them up! Just give your local news of the weird a look sometimes. You can find some priceless ideas here.

In the same vein, I pass over a few very cool supernatural and cryptid sights from time to time. In the past, I have blogged about how often with little to no work you can find an adventure just waiting to be run on these pages.  Check it out… HERE

So there you have just a few! What are some of your sources of inspiration ? Do you find any of the ones that listed as sources for inspiration as well ?


  1. There are far more sources of inspiration than there are opportunites to put them into practice I find. My table top game sessions only happen every four months or so so intricate political type plots don’t work for us. We simply cannot remember the clues and make the connections from the previous sessions. If I am going then going to run a total of 9 sessions grouped into three long weekends I get enough time at the table to explore an idea and elaborate around a concept without it having to dominate or colour the entire campaign. My next session is goign to be a haunted house type session and the main inspirations are so far The Simpsons halloween specials and and almost every Zombie movie ever made.


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